Sopar UEA Campus Motor Anoia



The Unió Empresarial de l’Anoia (UEA – Anoia Business Union) annually organises the “Businessperson’s Dinner”, which is a meeting point for the business fabric of Anoia District and which, this year, marked its 14th edition.

This year’s motto was: “Come together and Grow”, and it gathered some 300 guests, including representatives of the worlds of politics and business at national level, all of whom took part in an even that included an intervention by the international lecturer Lotfi El-Ghandouri. The event was introduced by the journalist Laia Ferrer, and included the presence of Santi Vila, Councillor for Territory and Sustainability.

The “Businessperson’s Dinner” also aims at recognising and rewarding the businesses and / or bodies that have distinguished themselves by their chosen pathway. At the 14th edition, the recipients were Equip Ceràmic, with the prize for entrepreneurial capacity thanks to its high level of competitiveness in the design sector and for being a young firm with great proposals and in constant technological development. Punto Blanco was awarded the Internationalisation Prize for almost 70 years of existence, and for being a textile business that has chosen to remain in Igualada. The paper-making firm J. Vilaseca was awarded a prize for having a business history that goes back 300 years as well as a business strategy that is based on the values of respect and social commitment, and for being a leading firm in the sector of high-quality paper manufacturing. The final prize was for initiative in the district; it went to Mostra d’Igualada for projecting Igualada to thousands of spectators through Catalonia, making Igualada the Catalan capital of stage arts.

The event also included the presence of Anoia rider Toni Bou, who received the new Anoia Motor Campus Prize in acknowledgement of his successes in the world of trial motorcycling.

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