Economic boost for the area

The Motor Campus Motor is a strategic project implemented by Anoia District Council,

which is providing support for differentiation and specialisation as a spur for contributing to speeding up the economy of one of the districts that has been most greatly affected by the economic crisis and by unemployment. It does so by encouraging emerging sectors, maximising training, and increasing opportunities for access to the job market.

Anoia District Council enjoys the support of the Ministry of Industry, the Catalonia Autonomous Community Government, the Acciò agency, the Barcelona Provincial Government, and Castellolí Municipal Council. It has also built alliances with private initiative, and has obtained support from noteworthy institutions like the CIM Foundation (Advanced Production Technologies), which is registered with Catalonia Polytechnic University; Sociedad de Técnicos de la Automoción (STA – Society of Automotive Technicians); and Clustermoto (Cluster for the Technological Advance of Motorcycling), which brings together about fifty business in the motorcycle sector.


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