Acord Fast Parcmotor Campus Motor



On 18 November last, Consell Comarcal Anoia and Fast Parcmotor (Fast Parcmotor) signed a collaboration agreement to support project and combine efforts to promote the facilities available at the Castellolí Motor Complex: Anoia Motor Campus and the Driving-School Track, respectively.

The Motoring complex (which also includes the Parcmotor Speed Track and a business park aimed at companies in the sector) is a conglomerate of specialist facilities that aims at contributing to attracting new business investment and set-ups, and at increasing the district’s economic and social dynamism.

The agreement means that Fast Parcmotor will have Anoia Motor Campus as a complement to its portfolio of services, and offer it to its clients. The Campus (which is promoted and administered by the Consell Comarcal) is a multifunctional centre that brings together specialist training in the motor industry, the provision of added-value services to businesses, innovation, exchanging knowledge, and development, as well as sustainability projects and “smart cities” linked to the motoring world.

The facility has modular areas that can accommodate a range of uses associated with the motoring world: they can be used as workshops, classroom workshops, training rooms, meeting rooms, multimedia rooms, event rooms, conferences and presentations, offices, storerooms, and work areas for businesses and entrepreneurs. It is an ideal area to accommodate training, institutional, corporate, and business activities by universities, training centres, associations and federations, research centres, sports and competition teams, clusters, businesses, engineering, and entrepreneurs.

On a reciprocal basis, within the portfolio of services offered by the Campus, the District Council will include the Driving-School Track and the Fire-fighting Practice Field that Fast has on Parcmotor premises. The agreement was signed by the Chairperson of the District Council, Xavier Boquete, and the manager of Fast Parcmotor, Marcel Castany; it will last until December 2014, and will be renewed annually.

With that collaboration, the two entities undertake to work together in reciprocal promotion of their facilities in Castellolí, offering joint products within the area of motoring training, as well as accommodation and services to businesses in the sector.