Maximum multiuse in an ideal setting

Campus Motor offers institutions, businesses, and professionals the opportunity to rent areas on a one-off basis within the Parcmotor setting. The areas are suited to all types of events, conventions, and training courses. The building stands out thanks to its large windows, which offer large amounts of natural light in all its rooms, ease of access without architectural barriers, and the energy efficiency of the building (a Category A building). It also stands out thanks to the multiuse, modular nature of its areas and the vehicular access within the facilities by means of interior patios and ramps.

Two of the floors are intended for one-off rental of facilities, and the other two (covering 700 m2 each) are completely open, and can be rented on a permanent basis.

Areas available for one-off rentals are grouped on two levels.


We have two levels (each covering 700 m2) that are completely open-plan. They are awaiting completion, and come with lifts / forklift trucks for motorcycles, allowing clients to personalise the area to their needs.

If you are interested in that option, please contact us for further information by telephone on 938084989 or by e-mail message to